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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 8:51 pm    Post subject: HNA 2015: Day 1
Wednesday, Oct 14,

7:00 PM: We are welcomed to the conference by its principal organizers, John Stevenson, and Michael Dylan Welch, and Hilary Tann. Each of the poets present then introduces him/herself and reads one of his/her haiku/senryu. Jim Kacian's lecture, on the theme "Realism Is Dead," urges haiku poets to recognize that "the modern world has become far too abstract to portray in traditional ways."

Thursday, Oct 15, the first full day of the conference

Union College, Schenectady NY

9:00 AM: The keynote address, "Teaching Haiku in American Higher Education," is delivered by Randy Brooks. Randy knows his subject well. One of his former students, Aubrey Cox, present at the conference, is the incoming editor of Frogpond. As the conference's title, "Autumn Term," suggests, haiku in education is one of the major themes of HNA 2015. The theme is developed by a panel that includes Michael Dylan Welch (moderator), Aubrey Cox, Tom Painting, Rich Schnell, and Geoff VanKirk.

11:00 AM:

Lee Gurga's presentation, "Japanese Aesthetics and Junk Haiku" (great title!), focuses on "the importance of the four Japanese principles of Ma, Kire, Kigo, Kokoro in haiku."

Philip Rowland's presentation is called "Beyond Surprise: Haiku and the Poetics of George Oppen."

We begin to appreciate the difficulty of being in two places at once.

12:00-1:45 PM (Thu-Sat) Buffet lunch, and a chance to learn that no haiku poet is a stranger. Great conversations with Fay Aoyagi, Paul McNeil, Rick Tarquinio, Yu Chang, Marietta McGregor, Angelee Deodhar, George Swede, Jessica Tremblay, and . . .

2:00 PM

Scott Mason, in a "personal reflection" asks "Why Haiku?" He looks for the answer in a number of haiku, selected from the first 15 years of The Heron's Nest, including one each by Rebecca Drouilhet, Lorin Ford, and John McManus. This leads to a 3-part answer to the initial question: To sense; to feel; to expand consciousness.

Angelee Deodhar discusses haibun in schools: "Children can be taught to write haibun as easily as haiku."

Cheryl Crowley's "Brushed by the Autumn Wind: The Haiku Journey of Tagami Kikusha" considers the exploits and accomplishments of "an 18th century Japanese female haikai poet, tea practitioner, musician,painter, and traveler in the tradition of Matsuo Basho."

3:00 PM

In "Branching Out: Groups within the haiku community," Jennifer Sutherland explores "the various benefits of group participation and workshopping within the haiku community," a subject we know something about.

Peter Newton and Kathe L. Palka offer a description and reading of their book, "A Path of Desire," featuring tan renga written on a nearly daily basis via e-mail from July 2013 through August 2014.

3:50 PM

Terry Ann Carter and Marco Fraticelli perform "A Woman's Desire: The Lost Letters of Chiyo-ni." A reading of the letters is followed by a mime performance based on accompanying haiku by Chiyo-ni.

Kala Ramesh's presentation, "HaikuWALL India," revolves around a short, crisp film based on "her latest obsession: to paint city walls with haiku written by her students." The film makes such a strong impression that an additional screening is scheduled, to accommodate those who couldn't make the presentation at the scheduled time.

5:00 PM

Ion Codrescu introduces his remarkable Haiga paintings, on display at a gallery on campus.

7:30 PM

Red Pine (aka Bill Porter) in "The Search for Solitude," describes his travels in China in search of the Taoist/Buddhist hermit tradition.

In all, 12 hours well spent. Also, at least one aged haijin well spent.

Best, Bill K
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:48 pm    Post subject:
Sounds brilliant, Bill! Cool

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:39 pm    Post subject:
Bill, sounds like it was so exciting.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:33 am    Post subject:
Thanks for sharing this, Bill. I wonder which one of my haiku Scott Mason read. I didn't have any in Nest Feathers. So exciting to experience these events through your posts.
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