HNA 2015: Day 2

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William Kenney Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:57 pm    Post subject: HNA 2015: Day 2
The second full day, back at Union College

9:00 AM

"Memorial Reading and Reflections," led by John Stevenson, honors the haijin who have passed since the last Haiku North America in 2013. Our friend Gene Murtha is among those remembered.

9:50 AM

Ruth Yarrow presents her haiku about birds and demonstrates her wizardry at whistles, hoots, and trills.

"The Significance of Kukai in Elementary School," presented by Makoto Nakanishi, extends the exploration of haiku in education.

10:30 AM

In "Haiku Chronicles: Learning through Multimedia and the Podcast," Donna Beaver and Alan Pizzarelli offer a brief history of podcasting, describe their discovery of podcasting, and explain how and why they do it. Before the conference ends, Donna and Alan will do a podcast with Kala.

How is haiku perceived outside of the haiku community, Deborah Kolodji asks in her presentation "Understanding the Larger Pond: Haiku in the Mainstream Poetry Community." Personal note: I remember hearing that haiku is "more pastime than poetry." But Debbie, while acknowledging the obstacles that remain, sees possibilities for haiku in "mainstream" publications. A tip: Disguise your haiku; give them titles, submit sequences that might be confused with poems, don't use the word "haiku."

1:50 PM

A workshop to introduce us to the collaborative linking form called "rengay," is taught by its creator Garry Gay.

"Only Connect: Linking Haiku and Prose to Create Haibun." presented by Melissa Allen, examines some haibun and discusses different kinds of linking. The haibun presented for our consideration include one by Brendan Slater. Full disclosure (I would not tell everyone, but I will tell you): I have been known to flip through the haibun section of journals, reading only the haiku. But Melissa's presentation opens my eyes to possibilities in the form that I had overlooked. And just in time, too. Before we're released we must try our hand at writing some prose linked to an existing haiku, one we've previously written. The haiku comes first? Who knew?

3:05 PM

Francine Banwarth and Michele Root-Bernstein are scheduled to offer a valedictory account of their term as editors of Frogpond, but Francine is awaiting the birth of a grandchild and must beg off. Michele carries on, covering such topics as "haiku with LIFE: language, image,form, and elusiveness that deliver freshness."

4:15 PM

Paul Miller, in what can be seen as a companion piece to Jim Kacian's welcoming address, examines the tension in traditional haiku between the desire to write of things just as they are and the reality of poetry in which objects are manipulated for effect.

A ginko walk through the Historic Stockade District of Schenectady, a residential neighborhood since 1690, led by David Giacalone. David has been a resident of the district for quite a while, I understand. Not since 1690, though.

7:00 PM

Beijing Opera. The New York Chinese Opera Society presents "The Emperor and the Barmaid" with live music.

Editors' Panel. A panel consisting of Susan Antolin (Acorn), Michele Root-Bernstein (Frogpond), Stanford M. Forrester (Bottle Rockets), Paul M (Modern Haiku), and Scott Mason (The Heron's Nest). Everything you always wanted to . . .

8:00 PM

"Fire in the Treetops: The HNA Anthology Reading." The anthology, you should know, covers the full quarter century of HNA conferences.

The sound of my own voice reading my own haiku gives me the strength to make it back to the hotel.

Best, Bill K

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:55 pm    Post subject:
Oh how I'd love to attend an event like this, Bill.

Deborah Kolodgi's presentation and advice about disguising your haiku made me smile. I often attempt to have my haiku included in mainstream literary journals and enter regular poetry contests with my haiku. Recently I was advised by a haiku online friend not to mention the 'h' word when submitting to a poetry competition here in Northern Ireland - sound advice under the circumstances! Very Happy

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:23 am    Post subject:
Sounds like a great time, Bill. I'm so glad you got a chance to share some of your haiku, too.
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